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Central Bank of Iraq to Release 100,000 IQD Note – No RV

Posted by 365guy on September 9, 2016 in Iraqi Dinar |
100000 iqd banknote

I have added a new section on the Iraqi Dinar for this website.

The reason I did this is because we are getting closer to the time that Iraq will be releasing a new 100k banknote.

What it looks like is anyone’s guess, but it will be posted on the CBI website before it’s posted anywhere else. Perhaps I should rephrase that. Normally, we hear that the new banknotes will be released by another online website, then a press conference confirms the statement, finally the CBI releases their own statement followed by the release of the banknotes.

The currency of Iraq is weak, it has been weak for some time. Many are saying that the Iraqi Dinar revaluation should have happened already.

100000 iqd banknote

The new Iraqi dinar banknotes will have the latest security features, including:

  1. Color changing ink
  2. Better paper quality
  3. Watermark (may be more than one this time)
  4. Larger size (larger denominations are bigger in size)
  5. English, Kurdish and Arabic text

It’s only a matter of time until these notes are released.  We will be keeping a close watch on the news coming out of Iraq.

In the meantime, we advise investors to avoid the dinar guru websites such as dinar vets, chronicles, recaps and updates because they tend to promote lies that never come to fruition.

It’s best to just sell the currency you currently hold, rather than waiting on something that is never going to happen.  Investing and speculation are two very different things.

The difference between an RV and a redenomination is value.  In a redenomination, 25,000 becomes 25, but the value does not change, it’s called a LOP by some, or deletion of the zeros by others.

Iraq has never said that they would revalue or RV their currency, that was made up by gurus like Terry K (Terrence Keller) of the GET Team website.

In the video above, the Prophecy Club is shown to be promoting private dinar exchanges, and they will gladly store a clients currency until the time is right.

2017 is when the CBI Iraq may release the new 100k notes.



TNT Tony Iraqi Dinar Guru Revaluation News

Posted by 365guy on October 16, 2015 in iraqi dinar revaluation |

There have been many people who have been speculating that the Iraqi Dinar was about to revalue, or RV.  The problem is that these people have been making these Dinar RV statements since as early as 2005.  Since at least 2010, the primary purpose of the dinar gurus was to pump up the sales of the Iraqi Dinar so that the listeners would go out and purchase it, mainly, from whoever the guru was getting a kickback from. The FBI is involved in investigating the Iraqi Dinar here: https://forms.fbi.gov/iraqi-dinar-investment-investigation The site below is 14 daily plus, it was a site that TNT Dinar used for his scam involving auto surf programs back in 2006-2007.  He is currently awaiting sentencing for this crime. TNT Tony – TNT Dinar Guru This Iraqi Dinar Guru who promotes the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation might be going to jail, but there are plenty more who have not yet even had a court date, much less, received sentencing notices. Below is a picture of TNT Tony, who is a dinar guru, meaning, he lies about the Iraqi Dinar currency in order to help certain of his interests, mainly dinar companies like Sterling Currency Group.   Regarding TNT Tony, whose real name is Anthony Wayne Renfrow, here are the court documents on him, which are also on the website above. Court Documents – TNT Dinar | TNT Tony Anthony Wayne Renfrow | 14 daily plus scam from Iraqi Dinar News   Here is a video explaining Tony’s guilty plea: For more on Tony and the Iraqi Dinar, visit this YouTube Channel on the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation If you are looking to find the right forum on the Iraqi Dinar, check out Dinar Daily as they have some of the best information from real sources, not lies like all the gurus provide. There was a recent press release on the Iraqi Dinar that you should definitely read about. Should You Purchase or Invest in the Iraqi Dinar I think people should think twice before investing in the Iraqi Dinar currency.  The fees you have to pay when you buy Iraqi Dinar make it unattractive, and if you decide to sell your currency back, there are those fees as well.  You can actually lose up to 50% of your initial investment by simply buying and selling a currency.  When you buy regular currencies, such as the currency of Canada, you might pay a 5% convenience fee when you buy and when you sell, so you are only out 10% or less, not 50% as with the IQD. Central Bank of Iraq The gurus have claimed that they have “sources” at the CBI or Central Bank of Iraq, telling them when the dinar would revalue.  The truth is that these turned to be lies as well, and nobody at the Central Bank of Iraq knew, or even believed in an Iraqi Dinar RV. Dinar RV Rich Morris of the American Contractor wrote this article on the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation back in […]

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Iraq’s Drone Program – What You Need To Know

Posted by 365guy on October 11, 2015 in iraqi drone |
iraq combat drone

Iraq has started their drone program this month.  For the first time ever, they began to target terrorist groups directly.  This article will go over the drone program in Iraq, as well as some key information about drones themselves. Updated On: 10/11/2015 Out of PressTV comes this article titled “Iraq’s first combat drone targeting Daesh positions in Anbar” Here are some of the bullet points: The Iraq’s Army flew their first ever combat drone towards Anbar The goal of the drone was to strike terrorist positions It left from al-Kut airbase in Wasit Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi was present The drone was carrying both anti-tank/personnel missiles, meaning it had the capability to hit stationary and moving targets. Read more here: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/10/10/432869/Iraq-Daesh-Wasit-alKut-Anbar-Ramadi-alObeidi-Fallujah Common Issues With Drones Many people feel that drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) are dangerous, mainly, because they are unmanned, and you never know who is flying them.  Typically, there is only one person actively flying a drone.  They can be remotely operated from anywhere that can produce a strong enough signal.  Now, that not only means an Iraqi fighter can control a drone from the ground, but that they can also use a drone with flying. Think about it like this, a drone operator does not even have to be in the same country, much less, city as the drone is.  Due to the availability of high power satellites, you could have a drone operator in the United States controlling a drone in Iraq. Drone operators will need to be held responsible when mistakes happen, such as the recent bombing of a doctors without borders hospital. Here is a sample from an article from the Daily Beast titled “Iraq Wants America Back to Fight Insurgents With Air Strikes” It seems like only yesterday that Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, was celebrating as the last American soldiers left Iraq. Now, with an al Qaeda offshoot threatening to take Baghdad, Maliki’s government is quietly asking at least some troops—specifically airmen and drone pilots—to return. It went to say regarding the US President: If President Obama agrees to launch drone strikes in Iraq, it would not be unprecedented for the region. The United States is playing a similar role in Iraq’s neighbor, Yemen, with intense counterterrorism training and drone strikes. But Obama also has boasted that he ended the U.S. war in Iraq and thus far has been hesitant to reenter the conflict. Original article link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/11/iraq-wants-america-back-to-fight-al-qaeda-with-air-strikes.html The author, though not a drone operator, sees the issue with drone safety. There is a considerable concern that if something were to happen to the drone operator, then what could happen to the drone? Some drones employ a backup function, which enables them to either return home, or to predetermined coordinates.



Equality in Iraq – Supporting Women’s Shelters

Posted by 365guy on August 25, 2003 in Iraqi Women |

Supporting a Women’s Shelter in Baghdad is a humanitarian task! http://www.equalityiniraq.com/english/archive/htm/nadia250803.htm 25 août 2003 / August 25, 2003 Dear readers of Equal Rights Now!, as you know the organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq was founded on 22nd June 2003, and since its formation members have started helping women, and protecting them.  There is a Shelter above the Union of Unemployed office that was previously a Bank, but now it is been transformed into offices. As you know women have been victimized, and brutalized since the “liberation” took place, by both the Islamic groups, and the liberation forces.   The existence of women as human beings is in great danger, women do not seem to have a right to life.  It appears that anyone who is armed can kill a woman and not be charged with a crime. The activists of OWFI inside Iraq are the only ones who defend womens rights and dignity, together with activists of Iraqi Womens Rights Coalition abroad, and with other activists and freedom lovers across the world.  These are the people who publicise these atrocities and brutal behaviours against women, to raise international awareness and to gather support.   I would like to ask for your financial help.  We need to raise money to improve the only shelter for women in Baghdad, Iraq.  This Shelter is protecting women from being killed for reasons of honour, and from violence either by gunmen or by their own families. This Shelter has no resources, and no income to provide women escaping violence with appropriate protection, and money to live on.   So therefore I urge you to take action wherever you are to raise donations to help us build Shelters across Iraq, to encourage our activists in their work.  We also need to promote activity in society so that we can reach everyone.  We need to raise their awareness, and to fight effectively for the achievement of unconditional equal rights for women, and the establishment of an egalitarian, and a just society.   Nadia Mahmood: Representative of OWFI abroad. E-mail: nadia64uk@yahoo.com Tel: 0044 789 00 65 933 www.equalityiniraq.com Bank account: BARCLAYBANK Middle East Centre for Womens Rights Sort code: 20-80-57 Account No: 80 98 15 67 London-UK


Central Bank of Iraq – The Great Bank Robbery

Posted by 365guy on May 12, 2003 in central bank of iraq |

Originally published at: http://www.centralbanking.com/newsmakers/archive/2003/may12.htm 12 May 2003   The Great Bank Robbery Forget the looters that ran loose in Iraq after the war. In one fell swoop, Saddam Hussein has put those small-timers to shame by single-handedly snatching double the amount of cash that it took the lot of them three weeks to scavenge. It could even have been the greatest bank heist of all time: after all, $1 billion is no paltry sum. But the brazen nature of it is what is so startling. Not for Saddam any of these fancy hi-tech hacking devices you see in the movies, no need for any of that. A good old-fashioned tractor-trailer combo seems to have done the trick perfectly. A senior Iraqi official, who remains anonymous on account of his personal safety, told the New York Times that Saddam successfully executed the summary removal of three tractor loads worth of cash from the central bank’s coffers. On the eve of the first Baghdad bombings, on March 18, a gang of complicitous minions spent two hours relieving the central bank of what amounted to about a quarter of its foreign exchange reserves. Saddam allegedly entrusted the job to his second son, Qusay, and his own personal assistant, Abid al-Hamid Mahmood, who piled the trailers with $900 million worth of $100 bills and $100 million worth of euros before the bank opened. They may have been last sighted, according to a colonel in the US special forces, trundling across Iraq’s border with Syria, although he was unable to confirm the exact contents of the trailers, or whether they were in fact the same ones. Others allege that the hoards of cash discovered in Saddam’s now conquered palaces could account for much of what was taken from the central bank, with as much as $650 million found in one. Meanwhile, Diyaa Habib al-Khayoun, general manager of the state-owned al-Rafidain Bank, upheld to United Press International that $250 million and 18 billion Iraqi dinars were pinched from the bank, but by professional thieves, and it was nothing to do with Saddam. Whatever the case, it is not known what effect this will have on the Iraqi economy, and anyway Iraqi central bankers may have more pressing things to worry about. For starters, finding a place to work: the elegant building that used to house them lies in smithereens, described by the Associated Press as a “burned out husk”, with all nine floors levelled to the ground. Although trumped royally by Saddam, looters, armed with acetylene torches and rocket-propelled grenades, seem to have done a pretty good job at trashing the place. Still, according to Humam Shamaa, an Iraqi economist at the University of Baghdad, operations could resume in another location as “the staff is ready to return if there is security”. Then the central bank has the introduction of a new currency to be thinking about, although it may be that the US Treasury has done quite a bit of the thinking for them. The […]


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