Iraq’s Drone Program – What You Need To Know

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iraq combat drone

Iraq has started their drone program this month.  For the first time ever, they began to target terrorist groups directly.  This article will go over the drone program in Iraq, as well as some key information about drones themselves.

Updated On: 10/11/2015

Out of PressTV comes this article titled “Iraq’s first combat drone targeting Daesh positions in Anbar”

iraq combat drone

Here are some of the bullet points:

  1. The Iraq’s Army flew their first ever combat drone towards Anbar
  2. The goal of the drone was to strike terrorist positions
  3. It left from al-Kut airbase in Wasit
  4. Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi was present
  5. The drone was carrying both anti-tank/personnel missiles, meaning it had the capability to hit stationary and moving targets.

Read more here:


Common Issues With Drones

Many people feel that drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) are dangerous, mainly, because they are unmanned, and you never know who is flying them.  Typically, there is only one person actively flying a drone.  They can be remotely operated from anywhere that can produce a strong enough signal.  Now, that not only means an Iraqi fighter can control a drone from the ground, but that they can also use a drone with flying.

combat drone iraq

Think about it like this, a drone operator does not even have to be in the same country, much less, city as the drone is.  Due to the availability of high power satellites, you could have a drone operator in the United States controlling a drone in Iraq.

Drone operators will need to be held responsible when mistakes happen, such as the recent bombing of a doctors without borders hospital.

Here is a sample from an article from the Daily Beast titled “Iraq Wants America Back to Fight Insurgents With Air Strikes”

It seems like only yesterday that Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, was celebrating as the last American soldiers left Iraq. Now, with an al Qaeda offshoot threatening to take Baghdad, Maliki’s government is quietly asking at least some troops—specifically airmen and drone pilots—to return.

It went to say regarding the US President:

If President Obama agrees to launch drone strikes in Iraq, it would not be unprecedented for the region. The United States is playing a similar role in Iraq’s neighbor, Yemen, with intense counterterrorism training and drone strikes. But Obama also has boasted that he ended the U.S. war in Iraq and thus far has been hesitant to reenter the conflict.

Original article link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/11/iraq-wants-america-back-to-fight-al-qaeda-with-air-strikes.html

The author, though not a drone operator, sees the issue with drone safety. There is a considerable concern that if something were to happen to the drone operator, then what could happen to the drone? Some drones employ a backup function, which enables them to either return home, or to predetermined coordinates.


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